Biblical Apocrypha in Vernacular Reception of Bible in Late Medieval Central Europe (PhD. Thesis)

The project focuses on the late medieval Czech translation of the so-called ‚Life of Joseph', translated and adapted from the Latin tract of Alphons Bonihominis (d. 1353) declared by the author as a translation from Arabic. The Czech translation is the only known vernacular version of the text. It plays a very important role in the context of medieval Czech biblical translations – parts of the texts probably represent an autonomous version of the Czech translation of the Bible (the text contains an extensive extract from the Book Genesis). The aim of the project is a critical edition of the text which is transmitted in six manuscripts and one early printed book, and the analysis of the literary context of the origins of respective versions of the translation. The re-writing and re-interpretation of the biblical narrative will by analysed with regard to its reception.

Modern Czech Philology Between Theory and Practice: The Work of Jiří Daňhelka (1919 – 1993)

The project focuses on the work of the leading Czech philologists Jiří Daňhelka who during the second half of the 20h century determined the ways and means of the perception and examination of medieval Czech texts. Especially his innovative access to the specific problematic of critical editions of medieval vernacular texts leads the way in contemporary philology and literary studies. An edition of his theoretical and methodological works largely based on the hithero unpublished material preserved in his personal archive will allow new insights into his thinking about medieval vernacular literatures and about the purposes and goals of modern Czech philology.